Product Details

HIS > OPD and IPD > Flowchart

Key Features

  • In Patient Ward setup with IPD Dashboard with fast search
  • Daily Treatment Records
  • Nursing and Care Plan
  • Prescription auto reminder & tracker
  • Inventory Mgmt for Auto PO Que
  • One Touch Procurement & GRN with Historic price
  • Online MRD and file tracker
  • Online one click and voice based Admission and Discharge Form completion
  • Online treatment record keeping (daily vitals, intake, output etc)
  • Online Prescription and Investigation Request & documentation to EMR and daily records
  • Discharge Dashboard with full discharge workflow with Checks and Approval from Pharmacy, Billing and Nursing staff
  • Voice based clinical notes

Common Features

  • MIS Dashboard & Reports OPD-IPD Conversion Department Reports with Graphs & more
  • Request Prescription, Request Investigation and ICD-10 based clinical notes
  • EMR with Document Mgmt Sharing & Protection as per Rohini standard
  • Customised Assessment Forms (4 included)
  • Self, Insurance and Corporate Billing & Payments with Auto Charging
  • Doctors charge sharing
  • Security and Access Mgmt : Role based Access Mgmt with Global enable/disable option
  • Dedicated Dashboard for Discounts and Refund Request & Approval
  • SMS base reminders to patient and doctors
  • Dedicated remote IT Team to support hospital staff
  • Updates, Fixes, Maintenance & Ongoing Support to above modules

Pharmacy Features

  • List of requested prescription list and we can sell medicine to patient in a click.
  • Sell medicine batchwise or product wise.
  • Sell medicine through barcode.
  • Give reminder if we are selling H1 and narcotics drugs.
  • Requestion of discount and admin will approve.
  • Transfer medicine to another loacation.
  • Make payment 4-5 bills at a time.
  • Requestion for return medicine or direct return from patient.
  • Pharmacy bill amount show in patient account.
  • Token system for sell medicine.
  • Patient can request medicine from home to hosiptal.
  • Display token to Led.
  • User wise sell and return report.
  • We can set range of maximum and minimum qty for product.
  • Diffirent color for Expiry products, H1 Drugs, Narcotis etc.
  • GST Report. - Doctor wise sell report.
  • Discount Msg to Doctor and doctor approve discount through massage.