Smart Hospital Run On Smart Solution

So while you take care of your patients, we take care of everything else.

Key SmartCare Differentiators

Simplified Operations

  • SmartCare support multiple centres of same hospital business group with a single database solution.
  • With this solution, the management of multiple centres becomes simpler and provides superior management. Some examples of easy of management are,

SmartCare will enable you meet your Objectives with ease.

Faster Implement and Adoption

  • SmartCare faster to implement - Because of inbuilt master database for most of the day to day task
  • We believes that SmartCare is the easiest HMS software in market. Our design approach is to make the software very easy to use by relatively low skilled hospital staff - Because of seamless workflow form request to delivery of prescription or any other services

Streamlined Workflow with One Click Ease of Use

A scalable and modular solution that can support single practitioner to multi location hospital covering all function of a small to large hospitals.

SmartCare’s one click usage makes it easy-to-use:

  • Role base access, not cluttering UI giving simpler and easier interface to regular users
  • No usage of complex UIs like Tabs
  • Clear actions to all users at the end of every screen on what to do
  • Hide the complexity through master settings and role base access

Facility to open multiple screens

  • As SmartCare is implemented using browser based technology, it is very easy to open multiple screens at the same time.

The overall functional flow of activities from patient walk-in to deliver of various services by staff using one of the smartcare system components.

Savings with Open source Technology -LAMP Stack

SmartCare is built on top of Linux OS and using MariDB cloud database. Both of these do not require any software licences to be obtained. Also with Linux the need for anti-virus is also reduced as Linux machines are not prone to computer viruses.


Access anywhere

Store and access your practice's data wherever, whenever you want..

Attentive Care & Efficient Staff

Digitize your records to automate routine tasks also manage Appointments, Patients Data & Financial Accounting more efficiently.

  Appointment reminder by SMS and Email

  E-prescriptions via SMS/Email

  E-bill and Invoice

  Paperless Patient Registration

  Electronic Health Records

  Reports and Analytic


Scalable End to End Solution.

  • Satisfies EU Data Protection laws to protect clients data
  • Encrypted password and separated database
  • SSL Digital Certificate for Secured Transaction
  • Engaged best in class Cloud Hosting company based out of Germany
  • Fully managed servers with 24 X 7 Backup facility
  • Secured Online Payment Gateway from CCAvenue & Paypal
  • Mobile Gateway for SMS Notifications
  • Integrated Systems from Booking to Payment
  • Appointment Engine (Platform)
  • End to End -Advanced Java with Struts2 and MySql
  • Mobile, iPad, Tabs, Apps (iOS / Android) for Booking & Cancellation
  • Andriod App for Practitioner to Manage Appointments make EMR/notes
  • Responsive Web Portal for Clients & Service Providers
Reliable Support

We make sure HIS EQ is used in the best possible way by providing Hands-On Training Sessions with Comprehensive User Guidelines. Our friendly support team is always ready to listen to suggestions and handhold if needed.

Stringent security

Our strict Access Control policies and Security Systems ensure your data is always guarded and remains secured with the highest security. Our compliance with the most stringent privacy laws globally ensures that only an authorized person can access the data.

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